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Four Paws began in November 2018, with one mission in mind. I wanted to work alongside owners to ensure their pet(s) could be their most comfortable, happy selves.


As a pet owner myself, I understand that sometimes owners just can’t do it all, however much we may want to - sometimes it’s just not possible. 

I started Four Paws to allow owners a chance to have someone else look after their pet, in whatever way they needed. From Dog Walks to Cat Sits to Rodent Boarding, clients can always be sure that their animals are being looked after by someone they know and trust, and who can be a new friend to their pet- however big or small. 


Four Paws is designed to be flexible and easy, with just the right amount of formality.  

I understand that it can be incredibly frustrating to try and make something regimented and un-flexible work for you and what you need, so aim to avoid this by creating a trusting relationship with owners and their pets.


If you’re in need of a service that isn’t available on the services page, please feel free to contact me and together we may be able to set something up to suit you and your pet(s).


I look forward to hearing from you!