All services are available on an occasional or regular basis. When requesting to book a service, please state which you require.




Dog Walking

30 Minutes


1 Hour



Pet Visits

30 Minutes


1 Hour



Pet Sitting

Full Day







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Rodent Boarding

Per Night

(1 animal)



For information about boarding more than one animal, please enquire.



Vet Transport

Vet Transport

£12 Per Hour

plus petrol costs.



and Visit

£14 Per Hour Plus Petrol Costs.

For more than one dog, please see below information.

 £2 per each additional dog within same household.

Acceptance for walking more than one dog at a time will be based on dogs' behaviour and size.  

Pet visit prices do not change per animal (up to three animals). if you are interested in booking a pet visit for more than three animals, please enquire first.


Full Day includes  walk(s) if needed. - Feel free to ask.

Overnight Simply includes a stay overnight in your home, and walk(s) during those hours if needed.

Please enquire in reference to a pet sit for more than one animal.

If you require a service that is not listed, please enquire to find something that better suits the needs of both you and your pet(s).